Monday, 31 October 2011

No Glory From 442 For Me

Almost four weeks ago an article I had worked tirelessly on for around three solid days was finally published.

Almost four weeks ago? Yes, shamefully late, I know, but as it so happens this little interweborary diary had not yet at that point even been concieved.

The story in question was an all new part of football magazine FourFourTwo's annual rich list; the Price Per Point Premier League table.


Initially I was disappointed that the table was only going to appear on the FourFourTwo website: somehow there is something infinitely more satisfying about seeing your words in print than online. However, on the morning of the 5th October, when the story was hot off the press, I got a call from Rose Prince (whose husband Dominic was responsible for getting me the gig) telling me to tune into Radio 4 as they were discussing my table on the Today programme!

The story was soon picked up by other papers, and later appeared in The Sun, The Mirror, and the Evening Standard, amongst others. Exciting stuff, though they didn't give me any credit for this heroic feat, hence the 'no glory' in the title. Not that it matters, of course...

The table as it appeared in The Sun.


Basically, the table involved looking at the top ten finishers in the 2010-2011 Premier League table. I had to find the current owners of the club, find out when they purchased the club and for how much, and how much they have invested into their club since that point. The purchase price and money invested since were then added together.

I then had to calculate the League points that the club had earned since the current owner took over. Next, I divided the total sum of money paid and invested by the League points earned, thus giving a price per point figure.

It was tough work trying to find all the data (oddly - I would have thought that there would be a catalogue of this info somewhere) and the resulting figures are somewhat rudimentary, but it certainly provides a fascinating insight, and fresh take, on the Premier League.

For example, who would have thought that current Liverpool owner John W Henry has paid over £7.5 million for every League point earned under his ownership so far?!

Read the original story on FourFourTwo here.

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