Sunday, 16 October 2011

Welcome: An Exceedingly Brief Intro

Welcome to my second blog, the imaginatively titled Unlike my other blog, this one isn't about shamelessly poor attempts at Shakespearean prose on the vast spectrum of food, following inspiration lapped up from the likes of Slater, Rushmer, Prince and Sitwell. No, this is much simpler: instead the purpose is simply to show what I've been up to lately and prove to potential clients and employers that I don't simply spend my days in the student bar.

The first few posts will backtrack to the beginning of September, as there are a few things worth mentioning there, so bear with me until we return to the present.

Until then, feel free to have a look at my all-new portfolio (designed by my excellency and put together by the ever-more-excellent Matt McVeigh) or stalk me in 140 characters via Twitter.


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