Thursday, 10 January 2013

Highlights of 2012

2012 was an incredible year; packed to the hilt with action and events. On a broad scale there was the Diamond Jubilee, the Olympics and Euro 2012, and on a personal level there were two weddings in my immediate family (one of which I photographed) as well as the completion of my degree and subsequent graduation. Below are some of my highlights:

1) Becoming Bond

The photography and journalism project which I may have mentioned a few times before here was something that occupied, or shall I say dominated, much of early 2012. I had never undertaken a task of such scale and really pushed the boat out to see just how far I could go. From interviewing Charlie Higson through to organising and orhcestrating photo shoots involving Aston Martins and more, it was a steep and stressful learning curve, but definitely a highlight of the year.

2) Morocco

Going to Morocco was something I had wanted to do for a long time - since I first tried a Moroccan recipe in fact. Marrakech and the Atlas Mountains provided a true taste of the exotic as well as I cultural experience that I will never forget. I promise to upload more of the photos here soon! You can also read about it on my food blog.

3) Weddings

Two family weddings might sound like fun, but for me I had the role of Best Man at one and Photographer at the other. No peace for the wicked, eh? Photographing my sister's wedding in Delft, Holland, was an honour but quite a pressure. If anything went wrong I would be the laughing stock of the family for years to come! Despite perpetual rain a good day was had, and, most importantly, the couple were pleased with the results.

4) A History of Food

Having slaved away for a few weeks in the summer and autumn of 2011 researching for William Sitwell's A History of Food in 100 Recipes, it was nice to celebrate its launch in April 2012. It is an equally involved and light hearted read, a joy to dip in to and learn an often surprising lesson about the eating habbits of our ancestors.

Happy New Year everybody! Have a great 2013.

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