Tuesday, 16 April 2013

What's Hot in April

Virtual Farmers Market

Farmers Markets have really boomed in the last decade or so; I even made a short documentary on their rise in the face of the recession last year. The brainchild of Marcus Carter, the Virtual Farmers Market takes the revolution to the next level, bringing a wide variety of artisan produce from across the country to your fingertips. The site allows you to shop by food category and features bios of all the producers featured, as well as an interactive food producer map and more. Why no one thought of this before, I have no clue.

In its own words, Feature Shoot “showcases all genres of work from both up-and-coming and established photographers.” Indeed, since its launch in 2008 it has featured over 3000 international photographers and has won an award from LIFE.com labelling Feature Shoot as one of the web's “most compelling, most consistently insightful and surprising photography blogs.” They run all sorts of work “from fine art to advertising, student work, to work from the top photographers in the game,” and thus serve as a wild cocktail of inspiration.

Tame Impala

If you're feeling a little stressed, check out Tame Impala's 'Feels Like We Only Go Backwards'. A super chilled out song with a mellow beat that's bound to calm jangling nerves. And if that's not enough in itself, the arty video that accompanies the song is well worth a look.

Featuredin OFM's recent Top 50, Sous Chef is an online store that offers a large range of foodie delights. Whether you're after quirky Japanese tableware, or molecular gastronomy kits, Sous Chef have you covered. A particular favourite of mine is the cookbook ingredients sets which feature a cookbook on a particular cuisine plus a bundle of authentic ingredients to cook the recipes with. They also have their own recipes and blog.

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