Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Portrait for Jab-Ride

I was recently asked to photograph the Editor of South East Mountain Biking website Jab-Ride for a piece he was writing on mountain biking and escapism. Ben knew roughly what he was looking for in the shot: it was to be at his private trails, featuring him, his bike, the trails and a fire (one of the cosy by-products of the business of building bike trails!).

The location was dimly lit under the cover of trees, with gaps in the leaves providing a very irritating spotted light when the sun shone. We did the shoot on a bright but overcast day, which was perfect for what I wanted. To make sure that Ben, his bike and the fire were not lost amongst the trees, I underexposed the natural lighting by 2/3 of a stop, and used a wirelessly triggered Nikon SB-600 Speedlight through an umbrella (hidden off beyond the left of the frame) to highlight the point of focus.

 You can see the article in which the photograph features here.

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