Monday, 14 March 2016

Canada in Pictures - The Rockies & Beyond

Entering the Rockies from Calgary

The name 'Whistler' had for many years represented a dream vacation; an ideal, but not a possible reality. For mountain bikers circa year 2000, Whistler was emerging and making headlines in the bike magazines as 'the Mountain Bike Mecca'. After a few years the thought of making the transatlantic crossing to Western side of Canada drifted into obscurity for reasons many. Until, around this time last year, a simple decision was made. It was never going to become more of a possibility, so if we wanted to do it in this lifetime, it was now or never. 

And so in September, we finally made the voyage. Starting in Calgary we headed straight into the Rockies in a rental car, crossing over into Vancouver two days later. This was followed by a trip up to Whistler where the following week was spent biking, biking, biking (how else?). The following photographs were captured on this journey, the majority focusing on the landscapes of the rockies as well as a few of Vancouver and it's surroundings. The lack of photographic evidence from Whistler should only prove that it was all about the riding. And yes, it was worthy of its accolades.

Tim Horton's was a highlight of the Canadian experience. Who can argue with reasonably priced coffee and an abundance of doughnuts?

T H E   R O C K I E S

We had a local guide for our journey through the Rockies...

N.B. - Saturation was not adjusted in post production. Moraine Lake.

DeMille's Farm Market, Salmon Arm. A great pit stop for good food and drink.

Top of the World, Whistler

One of the few riding photos taken at Whistler. Ben spamming the rocky forehead of Blue Velvet...

Photos of Vancouver and surroundings to follow...

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