Friday, 1 April 2016

Canada in Pictures - Vancouver

The Rockies had provided an experience a little different from what I had anticipated. A sense of loneliness and isolation marked me. I encountered a refreshing reminder of my own smallness and mortality in contrast with the thunderously grand and ageless mountains. I had expected quaint alpine-like towns rather than the industrial sprawl of Golden and the likes. But that is a large portion of what travel is about, surely? Having your preconceptions altered or smashed entirely and learning that, removed from your daily circumstances, you are still you at the end of the day.

Vancouver, however, was closer to what I'd imagined it might be. Modern, clean and glassy, surrounded by mountains, water and the likes of Stanley Park, there was something fresh about the place. Of course it has its darker corners, as does every city, but they are seemingly just corners as opposed to the darker halves of a city like London.

View into USA over Vancouver

One of the more minimalistic views from Grouse Mountain...

Granville Island contains an array of fashionable eateries and grocery stalls

View from Stanley Park

Looking towards Downtown from Elizabeth Park

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