Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Food Photographer of the Year 2017 Finalist

Last night, the Mall Galleries in London hosted the annual Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year awards, which I was honoured to attend. Entering under the 'BBC Good Food Fresh Talent' category, my images made it through to the final, earning 'highly commended' from the judges and are being exhibited at the Mall Galleries from 26th - 29th April, before being displayed further afield. I submitted under the 'Food Mentors' category, each of my five subjects having some influence on my relationship to food. Here's a couple of snaps from the awards evening, as well as the photos themselves.

Jay Rayner speedily presented the awards to a packed audience at the Mall Galleries

Petrus (top left) - Petrus is head chef at The Poet at Matfield - quite simply, his cooking is extraordinary as is his energetic persona. Beautiful presentation of dishes is matched by exquisite flavours.

Daniela (top right) - A fellow photographer but also a qualified nutritionist, Daniela is my go-to nutritional adviser who has overcome poor health through good eating.

 Vali ( mid left) - Vali runs the Manna Cafe in Tunbridge Wells - a church cafe that donates it's profits to a good cause. He reminds me that good food is not just about what looks or tastes good, but about the heart behind it; the essence of giving and serving.

Rose (mid right) - I stumbled into food writer Rose Prince's kitchen whilst on work experience during my university days. Ever since I have been grateful to glean information from her wealth of culinary knowledge.

Mum (above right) - What would 'Food Mentors' be without mum? There are two food-related thoughts I associate with my mother which I have tried to portray here - 1) She would always make sure that there were 2 or 3 vegetables on the plate, every day, no matter what. 2) Her birthday cake, baked for each of our birthdays without fail, and always delicious.

The photographs, as displayed in print and online

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